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  • Former public school teacher at Patterson High School
  • Non-profit public health attorney
  • Proven community leader and advocate
  • Helped design the legal architecture for all free CV-19 testing services at the Baltimore Convention Center
  • Assistant Coach of the baseball team, conducted home visits to support his students, was a leader on the 9th grade teaching team



We live in an incredible city with enormous potential – a place with unparalleled character, proud neighborhoods, and beautiful diversity. On this fundamental belief, I am running for State Delegate in District 46 as a proud Democrat! 


I am running to amplify the voices of those who work everyday to make this City better and to unapologetically demand that the State honor its duty to partner in Baltimore’s success. We face serious systemic threats, from poverty and racism to public safety and inequity of opportunity. But we possess the capacity to overcome these challenges because of dedicated neighbors like you: those who’ve chosen to make Baltimore home.


By working together, we will uplift voices that advance Baltimore’s interests. We will create comprehensive health and safety programs, invest in universal access to childcare and afterschool programs, and build transit and complete streets infrastructure. Together we will drown out the voices who sow hate and division, and who criticize our Baltimore without working toward solutions. I hope to earn your confidence and your vote so that we can effectively advocate for our Baltimore in Annapolis.


I cannot wait to talk with you about this vision and my policy proposals for Baltimore and District 46. But most importantly, I want to hear how I can best represent you and your family in Annapolis. Please contact me at to share your voice and learn more about our campaign. I’m eager to earn your confidence and your vote.




Vince Andrews

Democrat for District 46

Believe in Baltimore


Public school teacher, public health attorney, community advocate - - committed public servant!

Vince lives in Federal Hill with his wife Ilana, who is a doctor in primary care at Bayview Medical Center, and their dog Linus, whom they adopted from BARCS. They are thrilled to be expecting their first child in the coming months!

Vince is a former public school teacher at Patterson High School and is now a public health attorney working in Maryland's premier non-profit / public health care system whose mission is to increase access to care.


Vince is also a member of the Board of his local community association and is actively involved on public safety and community improvement initiatives on a day to day basis.

Meet Vince

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Male Teacher with Students
Education is the key to economic and social mobility. When we invest in education, we invest in people; and when we invest in people, we invest in our future. Vince believes in equitable access to high-quality and inclusive education for Baltimore residents. Informed by his experiences as a Baltimore City Schools teacher, he supports the Kirwan Commission and the implementation of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future with fidelity.


Business Owner
As the nation heals from the pandemic, Baltimore is well-positioned to attract high-growth companies to the city. Our city offers lower costs, higher quality of living, unparalleled access to other major cities, and a tremendous pool of workforce talent. Yet, our small businesses are not given the opportunity to thrive and too many members of our community face joblessness. Vince plans to create a thriving business ecosystem, while also offering training, housing, and transportation opportunities to lift up all of our communities.



Mother and Child
We must tackle the inequities presented by our childcare system as our new normal emerges on the horizon. While many families have been fortunate to telework and juggle their kids’ needs from the safety of their homes, we all understand the incredible challenges faced by parents when their kids remain home. Vince will fight to ensure that every family has access to affordable, high-quality childcare, regardless of income. We have to make more childcare options available, which means we must train and pay  competitive wages to quality, early childhood educators in order to staff these programs. And we must subsidize both providers and families to ensure the cost of care is not a barrier.


Public Transport Passenger
Baltimore has the potential to support a thriving transportation system, but we suffer from outdated infrastructure, unreliable and disconnected public transit, inequitable access, and an over-dependence on cars and parking. Vince supports a network of complete streets that will equitably connect Baltimore residents, workers, and visitors using multi-modal transportation options.


Baltimore immigrant communities, who hail from around the world, provide immense contributions to Baltimore’s cultural and economic vibrancy. As the son and grandson of immigrants, Vince believes that Maryland must support the development of these communities and enact bold policies to protect them from abusive Federal policies and practices.


Baltimoreans deserve to live in a community where they do not fear the threat of violence or property crime. However, today, Baltimore's crime rates remain unacceptably high and our success at solving crimes remains unacceptable low.  Vince believes the time is now to reimagine our criminal justice system so that communities can develop working relationships with law enforcement and equality before the law is applied regardless of who you are.


Vince believes that stewardship of the Earth and our communities are bound by the need for effective environmental policy. The consequences of climate change threatens the safety of all Baltimoreans, deepens inequality, and, by all reports, is worsening, hence the time for swift legislative action is now. Initiatives Vince will take include supporting the Climate Solutions Now Act, advocating for the expansion of renewable energy, and addressing environmental damages disproportionately affecting low income communities. 


stock photo3_edited.jpg
Women are the backbone for a progressing nation and are equally important in any society as men. However, gender inequality disproportionately affects women and girls, including lower pay, less access to opportunity, and inadequate healthcare. Today, the assault on a woman's right to have an abortion is a perpetuation of this discriminatory history. We must do all we can to protect and advance a women's right to choose to have an abortion. We must also breakdown the structural barriers that continue to limit a woman's access to equal status as men. 


Baltimoreans deserve a criminal justice system that is accountable, effective, and fair. However, the criminal justice system today disproportionately arrests black residents, and fails in its solemn duty to administer justice. Vince believes the time is now to reimagine our criminal justice system so that communities can develop working relationships with law enforcement and equality before the law is applied regardless of who you are.



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