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Baltimoreans deserve a criminal justice system that is accountable, effective, and fair. However, the criminal justice system today disproportionately arrests black residents, and fails in its solemn duty to administer justice. Vince believes the time is now to reimagine our criminal justice system so that communities can develop working relationships with law enforcement and equality before the law is applied regardless of who you are.


  • In 2018, more than 70% of Maryland’s prison population was Black, which far surpasses any other state in the nation.

  • In 2019, there were 20,000 arrests in Baltimore and 82% of the arrests were of Black people. Young Black people under 30-years-old comprised around 25% of these arrests.

  • Maryland’s corrections system costs the taxpayers approximately $1 billion a year, and District 46 has some of the highest tax payments to the prison system.

  • From 2015 to 2019, 13,392 complaints of police misconduct were filed against 1,826 officers, with 6% of BPD officers receiving 33% of all complaints. 

  • Rogue officers have compromised our ability to build trust within the community and are a daily interference with the department’s ability to fight crime.


  • Vince will prioritize reforming the criminal justice system to reduce the burden of mass incarceration on minority communities and the taxpayers of District 46. This includes eliminating minimum sentencing guidelines and increasing resources allocated to our court system (judges, prosecutors and public defenders), our parole services, and our probation services.

  • Vince will work to eliminate the cash bail system which continues to perpetuate a dual system of justice, one for the rich vs. one for the poor.

  • Vince is committed to identifying officers that receive a significant number of complaints and working with them to address any conflicts. Every effort must be taken to train officers on proper procedure and hold them accountable before they return to active duty or patrol.

  • Vince will work to implement civilian review boards and other community oversight structures to ensure bad actors do not continue as police officers.

  • Fundamentally, the police can only do their jobs effectively if all our communities engage with the justice process. Unfortunately today, the only time members of our society interact with the police is during the worst moment of our lives, when we are either being stopped for a crime or we are the victims of a crime.

  • Vince will work to institute a "community" policing model which enables communities to participate more actively with public safety and justice process.

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