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Education is the key to economic and social mobility. When we invest in education, we invest in people; and when we invest in people, we invest in our future. Vince believes in equitable access to high-quality and inclusive education for Baltimore residents. Informed by his experiences as a Baltimore City Schools teacher, he supports the Kirwan Commission and the implementation of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future with fidelity.


  • The pandemic has exacerbated historical educational disparities for racially minoritized students and there has been an increase in the percent of students not meeting academic benchmarks. (McKinsey & Company)


Vince believes that, by leveraging state and federal relief dollars such as the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), we can offer a wide array of programs to create an environment where students achieve success. This includes equitably scaling targeted interventions including expanding extra curricular activities, adjusting school schedules to include expanded learning time, providing intensive tutoring, and advancing emergency financial aid to equitably serve students across the district.



Elementary & Secondary Education

  • Expand access to after-school activities: Leverage ARPA dollars to increase and expand access to after-school programming for students. At dismissal, Baltimore City students should be going to an after-school activity (band practice, chess club, soccer, etc.) instead of heading home.

  • Equitably distribute K-12 resources: Redistribute resources to districts, schools, and students who need the most supports. Fully funding the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future will result in more funding for Baltimore City Schools and greater supports for our students.

  • Increase access to college and career pathways: Develop excellent college and career pathways for students to choose after high school. Every student should have equitable access to a direct path to employment, whether through a high-quality CTE programs, job center, community college, or university.

  • Recruitment of highly qualified teaching talent: The pandemic has intensified a longstanding teacher shortage to crisis levels. Retaining and recruiting the service of highly qualified, diverse teachers is a top priority. Vince supports the full implementation of the Blueprint for Maryland's future, including the elevation of the teaching profession to mirror other professional fields that allow for teachers' professional development and advancement based on their knowledge and skills.


Higher Education

  • Strengthen partnerships to diversify the teacher workforce: Students do better in school when they have teachers who reflect their communities. We need to strengthen partnerships between universities and districts to better prepare diverse teachers. Vincent supports the Blueprint’s implementation plan to bolster teacher preparation programs in the State’s postsecondary institutions that are rigorous and prepare teacher candidates to have the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to improve school performance and teach all students equitably.

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