Baltimore immigrant communities, who hail from around the world, provide immense contributions to Baltimore’s cultural and economic vibrancy. As the son and grandson of immigrants, Vince believes that Maryland must support the development of these communities and enact bold policies to protect them from abusive Federal policies and practices.


  • In 2019, undocumented immigrants in Maryland paid an estimated $242 million in state and local taxes but are ineligible for most public assistance.

  • According to Vera, there are nearly 1 million immigrants residing in the state of Maryland and nearly half of them are at risk of deportation.

  • In Baltimore, 1 in 5 children have at least one immigrant parent.
    Across the country, 46% of undocumented workers do not have health insurance compared to just 9% ofcitizens.
    Immigrants in Baltimore spend billions of dollar each year in the local economy


  • Support Universal Representation - As a lawyer who has worked on increasing access to justice in Baltimore, Vince believes that every person in America should have access to legal representation. However, in the current system many of our most vulnerable immigrants are left to fend for themselves. Vince supports the efforts from CASA and other immigration advocacy organizations to ensure universal representation for all Marylanders regardless of immigration status. 

  • A Home for Refugees - Vince believes that Baltimore should partner with national nonprofits and leverage our existing housing stock to help bring refugees to the community. Research has demonstrated that doing so could create a win-win scenario as refugees have a positive impact on the local economy.

  • Protect Baltimoreans from ICE - In the late special session of 2021, Maryland Democrats were able to take some bold measures to protect our neighbors from ICE. However, there is still room to improve. Vince stands with the ACLU Maryland and supports ending all 287(g) agreements in the state. Learn more about this harmful policy directly from the ACLU.

  • Expand Access to Healthcare - Vince supports creating a state sponsored health insurance program for undocumented immigrants who are ineligible for Medicare and Medicaid.  Undocumented immigrants pay significant amounts of state and local taxes and contribute immense vibrancy to our communities. Not only is this the ethical thing to do, it may bring down the total cost of care because it will enable this community to seek preventative care, which is proven to be the key to reducing the total health care cost burden in the state.

  • Protect Undocumented from Housing Insecurity - Authorize undocumented workers to receive rapid rehousing and other housing benefits. Houselessness exacerbates many other social issues and Vince believes that we should address the root cause.