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Vince believes in uncompromised equity between peoples and individuals regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Our communities flourish and succeed when every form of family and person are able to thrive. LGBTQ+ voices are vital to our growth and vitality as a city and beyond, and failing to address gaps in equality of recognition, access, and opportunity to LGBTQ+ persons hinders us all. While Baltimore has been recognized as one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly cities in the country, we still have work to do to achieve true equity in our city, and we ought to bear the responsibility of leading the rest of our state to be a haven of deeper equality. 



  • State LGBTQ+ population 13+: 234,000

  • State LGBTQ+ population % 18+: 4.2%

  • State LGBTQ+ workforce: 5%

  • State LGBTQ+ workers: 151,000

  • State LGBTQ+ adults % 25+ raising children: 20%

  • State family leave law is non-inclusive of LGBTQ+ spousal relationships

  • Nearly one quarter of transgender individuals in Maryland avoid healthcare due to lack of LGBTQ+-consciousness.


Family Recognition

  • Adoption of LGBTQ-inclusive definitions of spouse/partner to the Maryland State Code

  • Adoption of state policies for employers to provide equal family leave and benefits inclusive of LGBTQ parents

Healthcare Access

  • Establishing state-wide protocols for healthcare access equity for LGBTQ+ individuals

  • Cultural Competency Training for Health Facilities (idea from state of NV)
    Telehealth programs, including tailored offerings for LGBTQ population


Awareness and Inclusivity

  • Committed support to the newly organized state LGBTQ commission to ensure their success in identifying and addressing knowledge and policy gaps towards social equity inclusive of SGM and the LGBTQ community.

  • Repeal sodomy law Criminal Code Section 3-322: the Unnatural or Perverted Sexual Practice Act.

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