Please join us (and feel free to invite friends!) at one of the following events to learn more about Vince's background and the specific platform that he is advancing in support of Baltimore. These are open to the public, no donation is necessary!
  • Friday, July 15, 5:30-7:30pm @ Cherry Hill, Corner of 650 Cheraton & Terra Firma


Public school teacher,
public health attorney, community advocate - - committed public servant!

Vince is a former public school teacher at Patterson High School and is now a public health attorney working in Maryland's premier non-profit / public health care system whose mission is to increase access to care. Vince is also a member of the Board of his local community association and is actively involved on public safety and community improvement initiatives on a day to day basis.

On a more personal level, Vince lives in Federal Hill with his wife Ilana, who is a resident in primary care at Bayview Medical Center, and their dog Linus, whom they adopted from BARCS. They are thrilled to be expecting their first child in the coming months!

Vince grounds his run for State Delegate on these personal and professional experiences:


"When I taught 9th grade English at Patterson High School, the vast majority of my students faced extreme challenges outside the classroom, yet they persisted and succeeded. I remember one student arrived on-time every morning - despite two city bus transfers! - simply for her love of creative writing. Another student proudly asked to take home a copy of his first multi-page essay, eager to share with his grandmother. Despite the barriers of systemic poverty, violence, run down school buildings, incredibly long commutes, and so much more, they persisted for four more years to achieve their goal of graduating from high school. Our students’ persistence is proof of our City’s potential.


While in law school here in Baltimore, I helped low-income clients navigate a legal system lacking the resources to properly administer justice. One client had to wait a year for his trial date. Another had trouble finding housing and drug treatment that were mandated as a condition of release. Yet despite these burdens and inadequate resources, our public defenders, prosecutors, judges, social workers, community advocates and thousands of others work incredibly hard to make Baltimore a better, safer, more equitable place to live. Our public servants' commitment to justice demonstrates our City’s potential.


Today, as a non-profit public health attorney and member of the Board of the Federal Hill Neighborhood Association, I’ve worked with first responders and neighbors to meet the challenges of Covid-19. Together, we built testing sites, delivered food and supplies, helped neighbors schedule vaccinations, and created support structures in the face of sickness, loneliness, and loss. We did it, as my neighbor likes to say, “with joy - we love our neighbors and we love our city.” Our community personifies Baltimore’s potential. I cannot wait to talk to you about my vision and my policy proposals for Baltimore.


But most importantly, I want to hear how I can best represent you and your family in Annapolis. Please contact me at to share your voice and learn more about our campaign. I’m eager to earn your confidence and your vote."